Diana: AI Song Contest & Prize
Premiere: DIANA - AI Song Contest & Prize

Presented by c/o pop Convention and Factory Berlin

This year as part of c/o pop xoxo the DIANA will be awarded for the first time. The award goes to musicians who have written and produced songs using the AI software Boomy and open source lyric generators.

The event is separated into the DIANA Songwriting Camp and the DIANA Ceremony.

It will be kicked off by the DIANA Songwriting Camp: Ten musicians, lyricists and producers will be selected in advance by a jury. The criteria are quality and uniqueness. No previous knowledge of AI and AI software is required. Over the course of a day, the teams consisting of two musicians together with two AI applications will each write a song. Subsequently, a music video will be generated for every song, using an AI video software.

Recorded on the following day, the DIANA Ceremony will offer an international program. As musical special guest, we are pleased to welcome the artist GRAY. The inventor of the DIANA, Jovanka v. Wilsdorf, will lead through the evening. We will present all five created songs including the videos and pick the winners.

The winning team receives the DIANA trophy, which will be awarded for the first time on this day, as well as premium licenses of the AI applications BOOMY and LANDR for one year each, plus 12 free videos from the AI video software ROTOR. Bonus: Additional to the licenses mentioned above all participants will be provided with a ticket for the c/o pop Convention 2021 and a travel allowance up to 100,00 Euros incl. tax.

The award ceremony will be streamed as part of the c/o pop xoxo program on October 23rd and 24th.

Concept: Jovanka v. Wilsdorf / Produtktion: Ralph Christoph, Jovanka v. Wilsdorf and Karla König.

How do I apply?

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