D I A N A - AI Song Contest & Prize
D I A N A - AI Song Contest & Prize

D I A N A is the first AI Songwriting Contest with a related show. Our mission is to actively promote the creative and playful dialogue between musicians and AI software. For one day human musicians & creative AI will team up to write and produce songs. Our goal is to kick off inspired collaborations as well as strong songs beyond genre bubbles. The event itself is divided into the D I A N A Songwriting Camp and the D I A N A Ceremony.

Concept: Jovanka v. Wilsdorf / Production: Ralph Christoph, Jovanka v. Wilsdorf and Karla König


This year at the c/o pop xoxo – the 2020 Special Edition of c/o pop Convention & Festival the D I A N A trophy was handed over to musicians who have written, produced ans mastered songs using various AI software for the first time. Furthermore, also with the help of an AI tool, a music video was created for each song.

It was kicked off by the D I A N A Songwriting Camp: Nine musicians, lyricists and producers were selected in advance by a jury. The criteria were quality and uniqueness. No previous knowledge of AI and AI software was required. Over the course of a day, the three teams consisting of three musicians together with AI applications each wrote a song. Subsequently, a music video was generated for every song, using an AI video software.

The D I A N A trophy was presented to the winning team for the first time the following day at the D I A N A Ceremony. We had the pleasure of welcoming the artist GRAY as our special musical guest. Jovanka v. Wilsdorf, the inventor of D I A N A, hosted the evening.

The AI Software used were LyricStudio, Splash Pro, Boomy and Landr. The Videos were created with Rotor Videos.

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FLOSS: "D I A N A was special from front to back! Being subject to so many unpredictable factors (from AI tools & Corona to random teams), you couldn't help but just be driven by the process. The limitations inspired you in a new way and as a team we were able to create something outside of our comfort zones. I was able to take a lot away for my future songwriting and meet great artists. And then to win was the icing on the cake!"

ASHIA BISON ROUGE: "I had never been to a 'Songwriting Camp' before, so I was a bit nervous, but Jovanka and Karla, the organizers, were incredibly welcoming and supported us with the AI applications. Along with recording vocals and cello, I also edited the AI generated beats, added melodic arrangements, and collaborated on the lyrics. It was very inspiring working with Floss, who's approach to melody was new to me, and Vincent, who's edge with sound production reminded me that 'anything is possible'. I'm very honored that our team won with our song, something I couldn't have even imagined entering the door at c/o pop D I A N A that day."

VINCENT ANCOT: "The Songwriting Camp opened up a whole new world to me! As a producer, I have been in challenging songwriting situations before, but D I A N A was something completely different. The AI Tools reshuffled my entire workflow, while at the same time offering solutions, that my human brain could have never imagined. But it really was the group experience that made the camp so special. I feel very lucky for getting to know ASHIA and FLOSS and their very human approaches to music and I once again want to thank Jovanka, Karla and everyone in the team for the opportunity."

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