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Music, arts, culture and more

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A double move and a new concept - we've completely revamped c/o pop Festival: the Belgian becomes Ehrenfeld, August becomes May and Super Saturday turns into a super weekend. In order to put an end to the confusions of the past years, for which concerts you need tickets and for which not, we have simply separated the free showcase program from the regular shows and named it "c/o Ehrenfeld" for the sake of our new Veedel. So from Wednesday to Friday the concerts for which you need tickets will take place and on the weekend c/o Ehrenfeld will be there. And c/o Ehrenfeld means: Admission is free everywhere.

Music, arts, culture and more

c/o Ehrenfeld will take place in several locations around Venloer Straße - from the Gürtel to the Leyendecker. Similar to the Belgian Quarter, the concerts will not only take place at regular live music venues such as the CBE, the Yuca or in our new festival headquarters in Ehrenfeld, but also in many small shops, booths and shops, most of which have neither a stage nor a bar. As usual you get live music in unusual surroundings, but even more unusual, because for the first time. And we've thought a lot further about the musical programme at c/o Ehrenfeld: from workshop to reading, everything is there. The whole programme will be announced end of march, but we're already giving away a few acts: Die Nerven, KLAN, Ilgen-Nur, The Mauskovic Dance Band, Alli Neumann, Charlotte Brandi, Sea Moya, Ankathie Koi, Botschaft, Monako, Gloria de Oliveira, Young Yosef, AKKAN, Horst Wegener, Kaleo Sansaa, Paul Weber, Botticelli Baby, Blurry Future, LUNAS, Komplement and Hanna Fearns.

The first weekend in May with c/o Ehrenfeld will be superbly colourful, extremely creative and charming. Come around!